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The trend seems to be that instead of a one-night blowout, ladies who want to celebrate their favorite friend or sister’s engagement are planning weekend-long getaways to destinations like Sonoma, Napa, Santa Barbara, Mexican resort towns, and of course the staple- Las Vegas.

A’s bridal party lives in either the Bay Area, or southern California, so we’re thinking of doing something different – meaning : probably not Las Vegas—for her bachelorette weekend.

My cohort in the planning process was the wedding planner for a popular local venue, so she’s got lots of insight and experience in planning, as well as a love for details and themes!

The best recipe for success with a bachelorette party is to:

Think about the bride-to-be: Is she a party girl- loves crowds and loud music; a gossip girl- high class and high drama; a campfire girl – loves outdoors and small intimate groups; a comfort girl – adores staying in, eating good food, and playing board games.

When you have her pegged, which you should do easily if you are the maid of honor (who usually plans the bachelorette party) – then it’s much easier to determine where to go, what to theme, etc.

Often people get worried about themes for small events like a bachelorette party or weekend – but what you should remember is that a theme is just something that ties all the elements together. It can be anything from a specific color, to a theme based on what you’re doing like Hollywood glamour, or even a shape or symbol that you print on the invites, gifts, etc.

Check out’s take on some fresh new bachelorette party ideas.


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