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Getting a wedding dress altered is sort of like when you have to get your engagement ring sized. You’re so excited about having this valuable amazing thing and then you have to find someone you trust 100% to change it, exactly how you ask.

When A got her dress I recall them telling her she should plan to have them alter it for somewhere close to the $500 range and A remembers something like $3-400. The sticking point is that many shops that specialize in selling gowns seem to also charge higher prices for the alterations – capitalizing on the bride’s need to rely on someone she trusts to make the crucial changes – and since she likely just paid a fortune for the dress, the alterations price always seems like small change in comparison.

My point to A was that smaller alterations shops do fabulous work as well, at about 1/3 to ½ the price. This past weekend A decided to bring her gown to a local alterations shop with great reviews from Yelp – and was comfortable with the owner of the shop, her ideas, and most of all – the cost!

Check out another wedding blog forum that shows the vast range in pricing for alterations!


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