It’s Almost December…Do You Know Where Your Presents Are?

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Chan Luu wrap bracelets with Swarvoski crystal beads.

By that, I mean do you have a gift-buying plan in place yet?

Let me first reassure you that I am not one of those people who buy family and friends their holiday gifts way ahead of time. I’m certainly not the crazily-organized woman who gets her Christmas presents at the same time I get their birthday gifts. Occasionally, I come across something perfect during the summer that I’ll keep until December. But that’s rare.
So getting a head start on my gifts was on my mind when a friend suggested earlier this month that we have a craft day, then sent me a youtube link on how to make Chan Luu style bracelets.

I’ve always liked the leather wrist wraps, but wondered why they were so expensive, $100 to $300, depending on the stones or crystals used in them. No wonder it’s a celeb fave, worn by Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bundchen and Lady Gaga among many other trendsetters.

Stacy and I spent an afternoon shopping for ingredients and many hours trying to figure out the technique while poking our fingers with needles and dropping stitches. We made a couple of single strand bracelets. They weren’t pretty. I was beginning to understand why the Chan Luu ones were so pricey.

But I saw the potential for making killer Christmas gifts. Something I’d love to be given myself.

I started practicing. I also started spending more money than I anticipated during several bead store runs. I tallied the receipts at almost $150 and noted that I had spent enough to buy myself three quarters of an original Chan Luu.

After 10 or so practice ones, and a couple I had to take apart because they were so poorly made, I’ve made a few I can actually give as gifts. The first picture shows a triple wrap style in purples and a double wrap red one. The second picture shows the ladder bracelet in progress.

This is going to be the extent of my homemade gifts, however. I’m off to the mall or just life everyone else.
Stacy, though, could be baking her gifts. She makes gourmet-store worthy biscotti among other goodies that I’d gladly trade for my bracelets.

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