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Skyn Iceland

Pure Cloud Cream with Biospheric Complex
$65 for 1.7 ounces, Sephora

Tester: “I’m 54 and have generally good, normal skin, perhaps thanks to my Asian genes. I was in New York recently without a moisturizer. The change in weather, no sleep, not enough water and super stress meant finding a cream was a priority.”

Why try it: “I’ve been using a skin-drying, dermatologist-prescribed cream to lighten sun spots acquired over the summer. I wanted something soothing, hydrating and non-irritating. This product felt like whipped cream going on, and I could see wrinkles around my mouth and eyes instantly disappearing.”

Bottom line: “It’s been about six weeks, and I’ve continued to like the feel of this cream and the fact that it’s made without dyes and scary chemicals. It absorbs quickly and works under makeup as well as before bedtime. I’m still looking for that miracle cream, though!”

YBF Eyebrow Pencil

universal taupe, $12,

Tester: “Like many of us, I have sparse spots in my brow lines. I like the look I get when my brows are uniformly filled in.”

Why try it: “This pencil, formerly known under the brand Models Prefer, has received raves over the years (it claims to be the ‘#1 brow pencil in the world!’). It never needs sharpening and – remarkably – promises to change shades to adapt to all skin tones and colorings depending on the pressure you use to apply it.”

Bottom line: “I’ve used it several times, and while the taupe color is fine (my brows are black), the pencil lead seems too hard and ‘drags’ on my skin, even with a deliberately lighter, feathery touch. The attached micro-brush does help the pencil lines soften and blend, but I still prefer powder brow color.”

Tip for a baby face

Scene staffer B. says, “I ran out of face cleanser, so I tried my baby’s Aveeno Wash & Shampoo instead. The best cleanser ever! It removed all traces of makeup and left my skin super soft.” A hypoallergenic formula with natural oat extract, Wash & Shampoo was shown in a consumer study to clean without drying. $6, in drugstores.

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