Brrrilliant winter beauty

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How to withstand winter weather

Baby, it’s cold outside (your skin, hair and immunity were probably the first to notice)!

Moving from intense chill outdoors to high heat inside takes its toll on your appearance. These tips will help you withstand winter while looking your best.

1. Stop licking your lips! Exfoliate them gently with your toothbrush and dab on hydrating lip cream to keep them smooth.

2. Avoid hot showers. Extreme heat can cause dryness, chafing and exacerbate redness. Skipping the sauna and steam room will limit the appearance of broken capillaries.

3. Keep a stash of cuticle cream and hand lotion by your bed and make a ritual of applying them every night. Once you’ve gotten in the habit, add extras to your purse to hydrate on the go.

4. Invest in a humidifier to keep the air full of moisture and skin looking dewy when the heat is on.

5. For best results with winter skincare, layer on products in the right order. The lightest product (think serum) should be used first, followed by heavier ones and topped off with sunscreen.


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